Discover Farringdon Jets: The world's most security focused private jet charter and interview with Founder Michael Darko

Discover Farringdon Jets: The world's most security focused private jet charter and interview with Founder Michael Darko

With more than ten years of experience meeting the needs of HNWI and UHNWI, Farringdon Jets offers luxury jets to customers all over the world.

Taking to the sky by private jet today is a choice made by growing numbers, more than ever before. The reasons why vary, but for many, saving precious time and experiencing fewer travel hassles as opposed to the excessive time on over crowded, and overburdened commercial flights tops the list. While the rise of private jet use began soaring perpetuated by the pandemic which made it possible to travel within a safe bubble, the numbers still climb and an aware industry aims to shape for it an even better future.

According to Reuters, there is "a shift toward private flying that more wealthy Americans saw as a necessary luxury during COVID-19 is now showing signs of becoming something else: a pricey but sought-after alternative to a premium ticket on a commercial flight. Business jets were often associated with entertainers and top executives. They now account for a quarter of U.S. flights, roughly twice the pre-pandemic share, according to research and consultancy WINGX."

The BBC reports that private plane usage has soared, especially in 2021. Last year there were 3.3 million such flights around the world, the most on record, according to aviation data research firm Wingx. This figure was 7% higher than the previous high seen in 2019, with the US and Europe leading the growth.

Selecting a Private Jet Charter Right for You with Farringdon Jets

Discover Farringdon Jets, based in London, founded by Michael Darko, a gentleman experienced in wealth management, who made the transition to include private aviation.

Channeling his passion for travel and a desired level of service with added protection security with the addition of other future focused elements all to the delight of his customers. Furthermore, their clients receive transparent pricing with no surprise costs, this in addition to the already exceptional service they offer (they are rated a 4.4 out of 5 on Trust Pilot and 4.9 out of 5 on Google).

Private Protection Services

With no shortage of jet charter companies to choose from for your travel plans whether business or pleasure, your selection criteria may include additional factors. What about security? Farringdon Jets offers something not offered by all - personal security, to ensure that clients reach their destination quickly and safely especially those travelling to areas where safety is a consideration. This extra features makes Farringdon Jets a strong choice for customers who prioritise or require a level of security when travelling.

Climate Conscious Options

Farringdon Jets makes every effort to lessen and offset their clients' carbon emissions on each journey. Ferry flights and empty legs are trips where an aircraft needs to be moved, either for a return trip to base or for an additional trip. They give clients these options to travel more sustainably and inexpensively by suggesting these normally vacant aircraft as charter choices and including them in travel schedules where practical.

Meet the Founder

Interview with Michael Darko

EAT LOVE SAVOR® had the pleasure of speaking to Michael Darko, the founder and Air Charter specialist to learn more about him and his passion for travel and his vision for Farringdon Jets.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and ambitions

My name is Michael Darko and I was born and raised in the UK to Ghanaian parents. I have always been passionate about aviation for as long as I can remember. I am also a big lover of travel. When traveling I really love to learn and embrace the culture and live like a local, so wherever possible I try to take part in long travel, spending a month or longer at a single destinations at a time. In my adult life, apart from my hometown of London, I have lived in Dubai, Medellin, Bogota, Playa Del Carmen and Mexico City.

Tell us about Farringdon Jets and what inspired your passion for aviation and for you to start this company making the switch from offshore wealth to jets?

I honestly couldn't tell you what initially inspired my interest in aviation, but I love the freedom and possibilities that come with air travel, not just on commercial or charted flights, but the feeling from behind the flight controls on a two-seater plane. My first pilot experience was as a teen with the Royal Airforce cadets. My very skilled airforce instructor was doing aerobatics; flying inverted, and doing loops, which cemented my love for aviation. When it comes to my moving from offshore finance to aviation, I reached a point of reflection in early 2020 where I decided to mix my passion for aviation with my experience of catering to HNWIs. Having done my research and after speaking to my network I saw there was a need in the market for a security-focused charter company and Farringdon Jets was born.

What is the story behind the name?

I believe there is a top-tier level of customer service, especially in the high-end/luxury market that is synonymous with the UK, so I wanted to choose a name that when heard in the international market, clients would know they will be receiving a gilded-edge, white-glove service.

How do you differentiate yourself from other jet charter companies? What is your mission and vision for Farringdon Jets?

Farringdon Jet's focus on secure travel not just in the air but for every step of our client's journey really sets us apart from other charter companies. We are a streamlined solution for the security-conscious traveler, so when our clients book with us they can rest assured that we don't just find the cheapest option to close the deal but we follow strict criteria in regards to; the age of the aircraft, minimum experience and credentials of the flight crew, maintenance logs etc. While on the ground we can offer a wide range of security services through our specialised partners who are British Ex UK Military, who have international experience providing Secure Transportation & VIP Protection Services. Some of the services on offer are:

  • Risk assessments
  • Transport in armoured or non-armoured vehicles
  • Close protection guards
  • Armed security detail

Beyond our focus on security, clients have chosen to switch to Farringdon Jets for some of the Bespoke Travel experiences we offer. As the world's most secure private aircraft charter firm we took it a step farther by joining forces with world-renowned experts in custom expedition planning. This is the pinnacle of luxury living, where we will create an opulent vacation experience beyond your wildest expectations by utilising our broad network of premium contacts to the most exclusive locales.

It all starts with a peek into your interests, hobbies, and desires then our creative team of professionals weaves this knowledge into an enthralling story that has yet to be told. When Farringdon Jets whisks you away in luxury and next-level comfort, the adventure of a lifetime begins, with every degree of security detail you may require along the way.

Your services offer a level of security not commonly found with other charter services. What inspired you to add this to your offerings?

Through market research, we saw there was a rapidly growing demand for both business and leisure travelers who require or desire travel to destinations that previously, or currently pose a security risk. We now offer a solution for travelers to handle business and see the beauties of such destinations in the safest way possible.

The pandemic has created great demand for private jet services, what are your views on the future of private aviation?

Yes, the demand for private jets saw record highs since the pandemic, with a lot travellers who had not previously flown private now choosing to do so. As these travellers get used to used to the efficiency, flexibility, comfort and various other benefits, they will spread the word and their network will also want to indulge in the experience.

Jet etiquette is important for the comfort of all involved. What are your tips for best jet conduct?

  • Show all of the staff onboard the same courtesy and respect that they show you.
  • Be mindful that the aircraft you are on is a valuable asset to its owner, so be careful to avoid causing any damage and avoidable messes.
  • As a rule of thumb, the host (the person who paid for the trip) boards first and chooses their seat, this is most likely near the front of the aircraft.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your flight departs.
  • On smaller aircraft, you may want to consider how you use the bathroom and reserve such use for absolute emergencies as smells can get stuck in the cabin.
  • Tips for the crew are not expected but are appreciated, on average clients would tip each crew member $50-$100, however, this is absolutely at your discretion.
  • If you have any special requests for your flight, e.g a specific meal or beverage, please try to advise the team beforehand.

About their Fleet Options

With a vast  global network of over 10,000 luxury, cutting-edge aircraft, they can always discover the ideal solution for your needs. From short trips to international, they offer Turboprops, Very Light Jets, Light Jet, Super Light, Mid-Size, Heavy, Ultra-Long Range, The Bizliner, Airliner and Helicopter Twin Engine. 


1,200 NM Range / 4-7 Passengers

Due of its ability to take off and land anywhere, turboprops are widely used. No matter how remote your destination is, you can land on gravel landing strips to get closer to it. This is preferred for brief trips since it has lower operational expenses than jets.

Regional Trips VERY LIGHT JET

1,200 NM Range / 4-7 Passengers

VLJs weigh less than 10,000 pounds and can be certified for single pilot operation. You may know them as micro jets, personal jets and mini jets. These aircraft are super versatile, being able to take off from short runways, while maintaining a good range. Ideal for regional flights, the VLJs have been one of the top sought-after aircraft in business aviation.

Short Trips LIGHT JET 

1,970 NM Range / 6-7 Passengers

When time is of the essence, the Light Jet is the best solution for short trips so you can jet from point to point quickly, allowing you to see numerous destinations in your area in a single day.

Medium Distances SUPER LIGHT JET

2,100 NM Range / 6-8 Passengers

The Super Light Jet offers all of the advantages of the Light Jet with the added benefit of being able to fly further and with more people, at a lower cost. This is a popular option for travelling medium distances cost-effectively.

Coast-to-Coast MID-SIZED JET

2,815 NM Range / 8-10 Passengers

The Midsize Jet offers enough range to take you across continents. The 'coast-to-coast' aircraft provides for comfortable travel with a small group of people.

International  HEAVY JET

3,880 NM Range / 10-14 Passengers

Within the fleet, the Heavy Jet serves as the foundation for real intercontinental capability. You can fly nonstop and in total comfort with full bedding from London to New York. a preferred option for crossing the Atlantic.


6,750 NM Range / 10-18 Passengers

For a true worldwide non-stop point-to-point connectivity, this is best provided by the ultra-long range jet. Do you have a conference in Singapore followed by a meeting in San Francisco? This is no problem for the Ultra-Long Range. This choice is favoured by
their Fortune 500 clients.

Palace in the Sky THE BIZLINER

1,500 NM Range / 17-25 Passengers

The Bizliner fleet is a favourite of both royals and large family groups, as it offers you unmatched space and luxury. With ensuite bedrooms, boardrooms, dining rooms, and living areas, the Bizliners are flying palaces.


4,500 NM Range / 250-450 Passengers

With a huge group that needs to travel but an airline will not suffice, then an airliner is the best option. This allows you to move huge groups in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Favoured by destination wedding clientele, company annual getaways /conferences, sports teams, and many others love this option.


500 NM Range / 5-10 Passengers

For those time when you want to spend the weekend in the Hamptons with friends, or link with a Mediterranean yacht, a Twin Engine Helicopter is ideal for carrying a larger group or for inter-urban connectivity. The cabin is more large and comfortable than that of single-engine helicopters, making it appropriate for longer flights or carrying more cabin cargo.


For more information or for a private jet quote, visit

Contact: +44 800 358 9563 / + 1 866-737-JETS /


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Originally published by EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury November 23, 2022. Interviewed by Angela Tunner

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