Our Heritage

The story of ATLG began with the founder Angela Tunner, and its early beginnings over 40 years old and the creation of EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury, 14 years. Angela Tunner launched and developed the renowned luxury magazine EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury in 2010, an independent high-end digital and print magazine with no advertising, a pioneering online luxury media platform. The magazine is ranked alongside Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Bloomberg as one of the world's top luxury lifestyle websites. Our beautiful, ad-free special timeless digital editions can be read in over 900 5-star hotels around the world.

Years of luxury media coverage uncovered a tremendous lack of understanding about luxury, its complexities and its mindset. Our many industry webinars demonstrated there was a desire to learn from us and we wanted to do more to share our knowledge and enlighten luxury actors. So, in 2023, the magazine was acquired and absorbed by Angela Tunner Luxury Group, a luxury umbrella focused on luxury services. Among their brands include a podcast, private VVIP services for UHNWI, and PrestigeMind Academy, an e-learning academy for luxury actors educating about the philosophical side of luxury.