Creating a New Paradigm Shift in Luxury: Insights from the Founder of Transformational Online Courses on Intrinsic Opulence, Luxury Mindset Beyond Materialism

Creating a New Paradigm Shift in Luxury: Insights from the Founder of Transformational Online Courses on Intrinsic Opulence, Luxury Mindset Beyond Materialism

At a time when conventional education, thinking and systems are being challenged and redefined, one visionary stands out for her groundbreaking contributions to the field of luxury mindset and online learning. Meet Angela Tunner, the innovative mind behind ATLG PrestigeMind Academy, a revolutionary online course platform that is transforming the way we approach luxury mindset - through Intrinsic Opulence. With a passion for making quality education accessible to professionals, Angela has created a paradigm shift in offering courses that are transformational and profound to shift the mindset of luxury but that are self-paced, accessible 24/7, that you can take around your schedule tailored to the needs of a changing global and luxury landscape.

Under her leadership, ATLG PrestigeMind Academy has grown from a bold idea into an up and coming luxury educational hub, empowering learners around the world to achieve self-mastery and elevate their personal and professional goals. Angela Tunner’s journey is a testament to the power of vision, grit, determination, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. In this interview, we delve into the story behind PrestigeMind Academy Intrinsic Opulence courses, exploring the challenges, triumphs, and future aspirations of the woman who is changing the culture of luxury one course at a time.

Interview with Angela Tunner

What inspired you to create the PrestigeMind Academy and focus on the concept of intrinsic opulence?

The inspiration behind creating these courses and focusing on the concept of intrinsic opulence stemmed from a deep-seated belief that true wealth goes beyond material possessions. Intrinsic opulence, for me, is about a luxury mindset that comes from within with an awareness of an abundance that transcends, that enriches the mind, cultivating a sense of fulfillment, and fostering personal growth. The journey from idea to execution, was in tandem with the same 38 year journey that saw my personal development and spiritual evolution and birthed my internationally renowned magazine EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury. The threads after 13 years of interviews, articles, conferences, discussions with industry colleagues all around the world, and independent research indicated to me there was a gap, need and opportunity.

My research also highlighted the significance of overall growth and personal well-being. I realised that many people desired more than simply professional abilities; they wanted to be more fulfilled and empowered. This idea inspired me to create courses that not only give vital knowledge and skills, but also foster learners' inner world and well-being.

By learning principles of intrinsic opulence, our courses aim to help individuals with self-mastery, unlock their intrinsic opulence, find joy in enlightenment, and enhance interpersonal relationships that harmonizes satisfaction and success. This holistic approach, I believe, has the ability to positively impact people's lives by encouraging a significant adjustment in thought and behaviour. It seeks to uplift and inspire individuals while promoting a healthy blend of personal and professional development. By encouraging a more intrinsic attitude to luxury, it serves to promote a more conscious consumer culture that is fulfilled and enlightened.

What personal experiences or background have contributed to your expertise in luxury and metaphysics?

My expertise in luxury and metaphysics is rooted in a diverse blend of personal experiences and academic pursuits. Growing up, I was faced with a great many challenges that required significant investment into my personal development transformation and overall well-being. This path that began in the late 1980s started me on a spiritual journey as a pathway to self-mastery and cultivating an intrinsic opulence mindset. This ongoing journey has led me to currently pursue a PhD in Metaphysics. As for luxury, I always had an innate understanding of luxury and have added to it over 38 years of independent study on luxury. I was also fascinated by what I saw as an intersection between luxury and spiritual fulfillment. This curiosity led me to study a great many subjects, becoming a voracious reader of over hundreds of books, over 80 in non-fiction and personal development and having taken courses on subjects like Neuro Linguistic Programming, explored many different healing modalities, where I delved further into the principles of self-mastery, the power of the mind and the quest for meaning. Professionally, I have had the privilege of collaborating with some of the world's leading luxury brands, gaining insights into what drives true luxury and excellence. Combining these experiences with a deep passion for luxury, I developed a unique perspective on how intrinsic opulence can harmonize both external success and inner peace, which is the foundation of our course offerings.

Can you elaborate on how your courses transform the traditional understanding of luxury?

To begin, we need to look back to the 1980s, when luxury houses started being acquired by a conglomerate. Then, there was that initial shift from aristocracy to meritocracy and a significant product driven strategy with the intention of attracting the increasingly growing affluent class to purchase entry-level items. This technique left out what I noted then and still consider a critical necessity, to educate luxury professionals and prospective customers on the complexities and nuances of being a luxury customer. The emphasis shifted primarily to the material features of luxury, such as brand names and outward markers of wealth, obscuring the refined and exalted experiences that have traditionally constituted true luxury. While this change was beneficial to these companies' bottom lines, for the aspirational and rising number of newly wealthy, it diluted luxury's rich heritage and multifaceted nature, reducing it to mere consumption rather than a progressive approach to appreciation of craftsmanship, history, and cultural significance of luxury as a part of humanity and to enhance the human experience.

Our courses aim to transform this largely commercial understanding of luxury by reintroducing and emphasizing the intrinsic values of luxury, opulence, wealth, success, abundance and prosperity. It all comes down to a mindset away from constant consumerism (extrinsic) to intrinsic which was drive by the shift to the luxury market. We delve into the philosophical contexts, cultural influences, spiritual connection and the value of relationships, love, kindness, compassion, timelessness and excellence that underpin true luxury goods and services while building resilience and self-mastery. By educating our students on these deeper aspects, we foster a more profound appreciation and understanding of luxury as a symbol of wealth and prosperity that goes beyond materialism to the heart of our humanity and divinity. Our curriculum highlights the importance of sophistication, elegance, enlightenment, and the elevated experiences that have remained at the heart of true luxury, equipping our students with the knowledge to become discerning conscious consumers and advocates of genuine luxury in its most authentic form for the modern age.

What unique elements does PrestigeMind Academy offer that set it apart from other luxury educational programs?

There are many great luxury courses and educators that explore the business and psychological sides of luxury, including how market dynamics and consumer behaviours impact the industry. These courses frequently cover branding techniques, consumer perception, and the psychological attractiveness of luxury items, providing a solid understanding of luxury from a practical and scientific aspect. However, there is a significant gap when it comes to exploring luxury via a philosophical, let alone metaphysical, lens. Philosophy provides profound insights into the inherent values, ethics, and existential dimensions of luxury, challenging what truly defines luxury beyond material wealth and social prestige. Metaphysics, on the other hand, can delve into the underlying essence of luxury as an abstract idea, potentially altering its significance in modern society. This approach is rarely connected with the study of luxury, but it has the potential to broaden our understanding of luxury's core and developing significance in human life.

In today's rapidly changing luxury market, marked by the democratisation of luxury, the rising requirements of sustainability and the dilution of meaning in the word, there is an urgent need for cultural transformation. The increasing accessibility of luxury items, fueled by high costs and a decrease in quality, calls into question established concepts of luxury. This transformation needs a change in the luxury mindset, with cultural values and philosophical investigations playing an important part. A philosophical approach could create a deeper appreciation for luxury, by brands and customers emphasising the intrinsic, an inward focused understanding of self-worth and wealth, and extrinsically focused on quality over quantity, workmanship, authenticity, and long-term worth over ostentation. By incorporating philosophical and metaphysical perspectives into the discourse on luxury, stakeholders can better negotiate the complexity of the current luxury market, creating a more mindful and sustainable approach to luxury consumption and production.


Can you share the feedback from your introductory module webinar and how it reflects the impact of your teachings?

I was invited to present my talk, “Intrinsic Opulence: Exploring the Intersection of Luxury, Humanity, and a Resilient Mindset in a Post-Consumerist World” which is the introductory module of the Intrinsic Opulence courses, to a global group of luxury professionals. The feedback from the introductory module was overwhelming! They were absolutely blown away. The CEO of the group that hosted the talk, shared that the teachings made a profound impact on the participants. This was also evident in the lively Q&A session after the talk. It was communicated to me that my energy, knowledge, information shared and eloquent speech captivated them, resulting in an emotional and thought-provoking experience. I was saying things that no one else is saying but need to be heard. The depth and profundity of the content resonated strongly with the attendees, leading to a collective sense of enlightenment and emotional engagement and even tears for some. They went on to say that my teachings challenge conventional perspectives, encouraging participants to look beyond material distractions and engage in deeper, more meaningful contemplation that would benefit them and their clients; ideal for the changing world view on consumerism and a focus on experiences. 

This also underscored the transformative nature of the presentation, likening it, the CEO of the group went on to say is a ‘detoxification’ that awakens you, and shifts your focus out from the distractions of today to the profound and teaches a new language. What they learned even in that first hour of a 6 hour course, has successfully enriched the participants' lives by fostering a desire to take action on what they learned, to learn more and engage more deeply with the material. The quick results have not only made a significant immediate impact but also spurred ongoing reflection and dialogue among the attendees spurring immediate changes in action. Overall, the feedback demonstrates the powerful and lasting influence of my methods and content.

For those interested in learning more, registering for a course, or inquiring about bespoke courses for their company, where can they contact you?

You can contact us through our website,, which contains extensive information about our courses and services and registration for our Signature Course that begins July 28th. Register now and use code OPULENCE10 to save 10%. The course is self-paced, with 24/7 access, workbook, recommended reading, additional resources and live online Q&A sessions. Please contact us at or if you have any specific questions or want to explore bespoke training solutions that are tailored to your needs. We're here to assist you start your journey towards inner opulence and transformative learning.


In conclusion, Angela Tunner has highlighted her amazing path and ambition for ATLG PrestigeMind Academy Intrinsic Opulence, emphasising the transformative power of their revolutionary online courses. By emphasising Intrinsic Opulence, Angela emphasises the value of a balanced approach that promotes both personal and professional development. This human-centric worldview seeks to alter mindsets and behaviours, resulting in a more fulfilled and empowered luxury community.

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