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Our Signature Course Intrinsic Opulence is a Condensed Course sharing Profoundly Transformational Knowledge, Inspiration and Tools for Implementation

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From Luxury Hospitality to Luxury Media to Luxury Education: Why This Course was Created

"I’ve always had an innate understanding of Luxury far beyond simply wanting to own a piece. I felt deeply connected with the essence of his expression. The essence of passionate, elegant and sophisticated luxury expression runs through me like a current."

"It’s this deep love, understanding and connection with the energetic love language of Luxury that led me to create the internationally, renowned, highly select without commercial interruption, EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury Magazine and Bookazine that since its founding in 2010 we have collaborated with a massive list of luxury brands that sought us out from multinationals through artisan, covering a world of high-end goods, services and experiences."

"The way the magazine communicates the experiential, the emotional, cultural, sophistication and elegance that drips off each page, all comes from me. Throughout its 14 years, every page, every design, every layout, every crafted story and communication was handled, selected and executed by my hand alone."

"Throughout that time, each Luxury colleague conversation, interview, lecture I gave, and conference I attended or moderated, further developed my knowledge and understanding of what was lacking in how Luxury is expressed today. Evidenced by the issues luxury brands are seeing today and the changing consumer sentiment."

"From the early days in the 1980s when the seeds of this magazine were planted in my mind and having the pleasure of experiencing luxury service back in those days before the conglomerates and then having ventured myself into fine dining co-ownership, management and sous chef of a 2x Wine Spectator award-winning French bistro I helped develop, shaped my understanding, experience and connection to a side of Luxury that is largely overlooked today due to high commercialism and materialistic approach - the emotional, human and intrinsic."

"Forty years have now passed and the signs that the industry is changing rapidly toward a demand for the intrinsic are all there, from the economic challenges pushing luxury to become ‘quieter’ to people’s quests for more fulfillment, meaning and emotional connection in this highly digitized world. I could have created a course on Luxury media however I felt instead I wanted to help reshape the mindset and share the depths of my understanding of intrinsic opulence luxury mindset along with the tools, and resources for implementing this knowledge with the desire to give back to a culture and industry that I love, to be a part of reclaiming its essence and a key piece of its past sculpted with modernity for a better future."

~ Angela Tunner


Are you ready to transform your approach to luxury? Join us and drive the evolution.

"True Luxury isn't owned - it's lived" - Angela Tunner

“True luxury isn't owned—it's lived.” says founder Angela Tunner. At ATLG PrestigeMind Academy, we combine the philosophical essence of luxury with metaphysical insights to foster resilience, clarity, and a deep comprehension of luxury that goes beyond ordinary acquisitions.

Are you ready to transform your approach to luxury? Join us and drive the evolution.

Self-paced, online, 6 hours of video lectures plus optional Q&A sessions.



Who Can Transform Their Approach to Luxury with Our Mindset Course?

Courses Designed for Luxury Professionals who Sell, Create and Communicate - Luxury Goods, Services and Experiences

Including: Luxury Entrepreneurs and Consultants, Luxury Brand Owners, Multinational Luxury Maisons and Groups, Luxury Boutique and Retail Floor Staff, Senior Executives, Luxury Brand Managers and Marketers, Luxury Travel, Hospitality and Services Businesses, Luxury Writers and Public Relations Professionals, Yachting and Private Jet Staff, Airlines, Interior Designers, Creators and Designers, Luxury Real Estate Agents, and many more within the luxury industry.

Clip: Intrinsic Opulence Introduction Module

Self-paced, online, 6 hours of video lectures plus optional Q&A sessions.


Why Understand Intrinsic Opulence?


Our modern society typically equates opulence with external wealth and conspicuous consumption. Luxury cars, extravagant vacations, and designer labels have become the badges of affluence.

Much of conventional thinking when it comes to abundance is flawed and incomplete, and yet as luxury actors much is required of us in the interactions and experience creation with the clients at the Brands for which we work.

It is time to change our thinking when it comes to our perspectives on wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Opulence is intrinsic. Luxury can be felt, its magic is in the human connection, the emotional, the poetic and the elevation of our energies.

What is Intrinsic Opulence?


Intrinsic opulence is a concept both nuanced and profound. At its core, intrinsic opulence recognizes that true wealth emanates from within, rooted in qualities such as wisdom, compassion, authenticity, kindness and resilience. It is the recognition that one's worth is not contingent upon external possessions or societal validation, but rather emerges from a deep connection to one's own essence and purpose.

Consider the individual who possesses immense material wealth yet finds themselves perpetually discontented, their lives devoid of meaning or genuine fulfillment. In contrast, someone embodying intrinsic opulence exudes a sense of inner richness that transcends the limitations of wealth alone. They radiate a magnetic presence born of self-awareness and inner peace, drawing others toward them effortlessly.

Self-paced, online, 6 hours of video lectures plus optional Q&A sessions.


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    Individual Professionals & Corporate Teams

    Suitable for luxury professionals of all kinds: Individuals and Corporate Teams, entrepreneurs and brands, hospitality and service, executives through front and back of house. Courses are customized depending on type. Bespoke Corporate courses by request.

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    Self-Paced 24/7 Access

    Take the course at your own pace. Learn on your schedule. No need for teams to have to take time off to take the course. Access the course 24/7. Our courses are presented lecture style in videos with additional resources and a workbook.

  • 1:1 Attention + Q&A Sessions

    Going beyond, get 1:1 attention. Live online Q&A sessions weekly, where you can ask questions and get direction. Optionally, meet with other session attendees, network in breakout rooms.

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    Profound and Transformational

    More than just information, inspirational and transformational, its like learning a new language and way of thinking and living.

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    Workbook and Resources

    Your course comes with a workbook for note taking. Additional resources including recommended reading, and access to recommended professionals and practitioners.

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    Certificate of Completion

    Following successful completion of the course and final assignment, participants receive a Certificate of Completion.

Value We Deliver

Experience and Expertise Benefit from our 38+ years of unparalleled knowledge and experience in the realms of luxury, and metaphysics. Our dedication to excellence in luxury communications and expression, self-mastery and unlocking human potential through luxury ensures a transformative learning experience. 

Efficiency and Time-Saving We understand that time is one of our most valuable resources. After decades of learning and substantial financial investment, we have distilled this abundance of knowledge into rich and useful information. With tips, tools and strategies for simple application, you can save time and effort and achieve faster outcomes, giving you a mental and competitive advantage.


You blew them all away with that phenomenal presentation and energy, and with how eloquently you speak. What I love about what you do is the profundity of it. Everybody’s on the WhatsApp group at the moment saying they were emotional, and some had tears in their eyes because they’ve been blown away. What you deliver is so thought provoking and at such a deeper level that it almost takes people by surprise. I was thinking about it further because what you are saying is so thought provoking, that it's like trying to learn a different language in life… You’re set up going along as usual, you’re being distracted by all these things that are going on in life, focused on the materialistic, and all the distractions and then so when you give your presentation it's like detoxification. Our clients want to learn, engage and have an opportunity to enrich their own lives which I think they all have done. So thank you so much!

Isobel Kershaw, Founder and Director The Stylist London