Bespoke Intrinsic Opulence Courses for Luxury Services & Hospitality

Designed to illuminate an understanding of the complexities of luxury on a philosophical level, our tailor made online courses are exclusively for luxury hospitality and service businesses. Meticulously crafted, a blend of self-led learning, and live online sessions with networking, our modules are customized to client needs to better address the needs of their teams and companies, directing curious learners to a deeper understanding of the true meaning of prosperity, and richness, and how to tap into their intrinsic opulence. Participants will emerge equipped with invaluable tools and insights applicable both personally and professionally ideal for improved client relationship building and in cultivating deep personal growth. 

About the Course Creator and Facilitator

Course creator and facilitator Angela Tunner, PhD(c) is the founder and editor in chief of renowned luxury magazine EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury in 2010, the independent high-end magazine and luxury platform with no advertising, a pioneering online platform. The magazine is ranked alongside Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Bloomberg as one of the world's top luxury lifestyle websites. Angela has over 38 years of independent study of luxury brands and communications with experience in areas including fine arts and graphics, digital marketing, editorial strategy, writing and publishing books and magazines, hospitality and fine dining, Wine Spectator award-winning restaurant ownership and management, business administration, ISO9000 certified in quality control and configuration management, over 30 years independent study and personal in metaphysical and self-development methods. Angela is a doctoral candidate at the University of Sedona working towards a Metaphysical Sciences PhD.



You blew them all away with that phenomenal presentation and energy, and with how eloquently you speak! What I love about what you do is the profundity of it. Everybody’s on the WhatsApp group at the moment saying they were emotional, and some had tears in their eyes because they’ve been so blown away. What you deliver is so thought provoking and at a such a deeper level that it almost takes people by surprise. I was thinking about it after because what you're saying, is like trying to learn a different language in life. You’re set up going along as usual, you’re being distracted by all these things that are going on, focused on the materialistic, so when you give your presentation, it's like detoxification. Our clients want to learn, engage and have an opportunity to enrich their own lives which I think they all have done. So thank you so much.

Isobel Kershaw, Founder and Director The Stylist London