Discover Moravia Yachting and Interview with Yacht Broker Alastair Callender

Discover Moravia Yachting and Interview with Yacht Broker Alastair Callender

Moravia Yachting, the elite boutique brokerage firm founded its first office in the Principality of Monaco in 1962 and swiftly expanded to provide services to superyachts on a global basis.

With a rich history in connection with the evolution of yachting and their involvement in the first superyachts, they have great dedication to heightened customer centric service and adding value to what they do delivered through their knowledgeable experts. Moravia has a global reach with 12 offices in London to Fort Lauderdale, Palma to Jeddah, Antibes to Australia's Gold Coast.

Their specialty? Providing independent and tailored advice on owning and chartering superyachts. With Monaco as their home port, it has taught them the value of prudence versus size. They have been authorised to sell and acquire yachts on behalf of select clients because they exemplify the culture of the Principality, giving them great industry distinction and positioning. Moravia, in essence, promises discretion and yachting prowess for demanding owners, as well as a keen knowledge of service excellence and the pillars of their business are discretion and professionalism.

Partnership with Hill Robinson Adds Benefits

Founded in 2001 Hill Robinson was created with the express purpose of managing the operational difficulties of the world's largest yachts while providing technical brilliance to the fields of new construction, refit, procurement, crew employment, and aviation. Their unique collaboration with Moravia Yachting assists owners in lowering their total cost of ownership.

Yacht Kathleen Anne, Main Salon

The Great Appeal of Chartering a Yacht

Whether you charter for personal, corporate or major events, chartering has great appeal today offering opportunities you can't get the same way, on land. The Privacy and security on a superyacht charter, is unmatched. Chartering is the ideal option on the list if you want to stay out of view or are concerned about anyone knowing where you are. If necessary, yachts can be chartered with additional security teams on board, and you can also bring in your own private security staff.


The freedom it brings to wake with a different view every day, at a place of your choosing, with the flexibility to decide how you spend your day is another benefit of yachting. Tailor made travel is all yours, entirely unique itineraries, adjusting the travel and charter experience to meet your individual requirements. The duration of the charter is totally up to you, and their skilled team can create custom itineraries with yachts that have been expressly identified and chosen for your charter, ranging from an extended weekend to many months at a time.

Wellbeing is a focus for many people today and a yacht setting is perfect for rejuvenation. The range of activities and therapies offered aboard a superyacht rival the world's top shoreside resorts, from simple escapism to personally planned charters aimed to refresh body and mind. Even on smaller yachts, morning yoga practice on deck offers a memorable and healing environment. Larger yachts have fully equipped gyms and lavish spa facilities with dedicated personnel. With nutritional plans and routines that prioritise rest and recovery as needed, the wellness advantages can be increased even further.

 Yacht, Bella Stella

Top Crews Aboard

The crew members on yachts that Moravia charters are among the best in their industry. Each person has been personally chosen by the most astute superyacht owners in the world to work on the most extravagantly expensive vessels floating. The only challenge you will have is leaving such a divine atmosphere, as the chefs are selected from Michelin-starred restaurants and the spa therapists from prestigious hotels.

They understand that their clients are accustomed to a very high level of dining experience, and they undertake to elevate these once-in-a-lifetime encounters to legendary status. They accomplish this by paying close attention to each guest's requirements and interests. Their expertise lies on providing seamless luxury throughout all seven continents. And the fun doesn't have to end at the superyacht. Every request can be met, whether you wish to tour the ocean floor in a submersible, trace the coastline by helicopter, or extend your journey with a stay onshore.



Alastair Callender, Charter & Sales Broker


Meet Alastair Callender. Alastair builds on a history of worldwide recognised achievement as the only Yacht Charter Vacations & Sales expert who has earned International Awards for Sustainability, Innovation, & Yacht Design. Alastair is The Queen's Commonwealth Trust's Exclusive Yachting Partner. He is a public speaker and entrepreneur who has been in The New York Times, The Financial Times, CNN, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, and all major yachting publications.

Alastair was awarded the International Superyacht Society's Excellence in Innovation Award in 2010. He provides a unique viewpoint and insight on the global superyacht fleet offering  the finest quality of service to his clients as an IYBA and MYBA member. He has a unique grasp of the business due to his direct involvement in the sale, charter, marketing, and design of innumerable yachts.

EAT LOVE SAVOR® Luxury had the opportunity to speak with Alastair and learn more about his passionate work in the field of yachting, and his charitable efforts, working from the Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach offices.

Tell us a bit about your background

I grew up 300 yards from my sailing club in the south of England and enjoyed going out on the water almost every day of the summer. After living in Greece and teaching watersports I then went to university to gain a 1st class BA Degree with Honours in Boat Design, before I founded my first company in 2008.

I am the only Yacht Charter Vacations & Sales expert that has won international awards in sustainability, innovation, and yacht design. These awards were for one of my eco-luxury superyacht design concepts which is powered by solar and wind energy: Soliloquy – The Super-Green Superyacht.

I since launched the Americas region for Moravia Yachting. I am based in my Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach offices. Our head office has been in Monaco since 1962. Our brand dates back 150 years, making us one of the most historic in the superyacht sector. I have personally worked in the yacht industry for since 2008 in both Europe and the USA. Therefore I know the charter yacht market, crews and cruising areas very well. I book tailor-made charter vacations all over the world from about 80ft yachts up to the largest superyacht on the market at 446ft (136m).

I also have been directly involved in over 40 superyacht sales, so I support clients that are interested in purchasing or selling a yacht. I enjoy advising clients on yacht ownership, new build projects and refit projects as well.

What makes yachting such a special experience?

Time is our most precious commodity that we all have. Time enjoyed on a yacht is likely to be some of the most precious and priceless memories that you will ever spend with multi-generations of the same family. A yacht is unique in the way it can provide an exceptional experience for all ages on board: from the great grandparents down to the great grandchildren. Waking up in a different bay each day, or perhaps at an UNESCO World Heritage Site: the world is your oyster.

Are there any misconceptions about the superyacht industry?

A common misconception is that the price of yacht charter vacations are all going to be hundreds of thousands if not millions per week. I often explain, that yes, we do have some yachts that are $1- $2- $3- or even $4- million per week. However, a yacht charter vacation is far more attainable than some people realize.

We have yachts from the price point of a ski-trip or a safari upwards. Often the trip is divided up per head by 10 to 12 people on board, which makes for the most fabulous option for a vacation with family and friends. On a yacht you of course also have the safety of being within your own “bubble”. You have complete seclusion – with the upmost level of service and luxury.

My client recently experienced a Bahamas yacht charter for the very first time in the beautiful Exuma Islands. He had previously booked cruise ship vacations annually. He said the yacht charter was the most fantastic family vacation of their lives with memories he will treasure for ever. Interestingly this yacht charter was cheaper per head than the price he paid for a cruise ship, which is shared with thousands of people. You cannot begin to compare these two options: a bespoke yacht charter itinerary is simply unmatched.



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