Our Philosophy

Discover Intrinsic Opulence, the Essence of Luxury: Why We Need More Philosophy and Resilience in Luxury and Life

Luxury from a human perspective is our passion and we believe is important to the future of luxury. Intrinsic opulence, philosophy and resilience helps us navigate the challenges of life and a growing post-consumerist world by providing clarity amidst the noise of modern existence and better understanding of deeper concepts connected to wealth and affluence. At ATLG & PrestigeMind Academy, we believe that cultivating a more profound comprehension of luxury philosophy and a resilient mindset to be not just a valuable endeavour but also essential to our group's advancement by sharing the pleasures and what we gain in making more compassionate choices in how we live and operate our businesses.

Fostering Dialogue and Understanding

ATLG supports the premise that communication may foster empathy and understanding. Philosophy encourages discussion by bringing opposing opinions together in a friendly exchange of ideas. By encouraging philosophical inquiry and tolerance, we can form meaningful partnerships that transcend cultural, ideological, and geographical boundaries.

Empowering Change

Philosophy is a catalyst for change in the now and a guide for the future, not a relic of the past. We may tackle present issues in creative ways, promote social change, and envision a society controlled by love, compassion, and knowledge through philosophical conversation.

Join the Conversation

Join us as we recognise philosophy as the root of human achievement in luxury and life. Take advantage of our resources, engage in intriguing discussions, and embark on an intellectual adventure. Let us promote the notion of the future today, united.

Biography Angela Tunner

Angela Tunner, PhD(c) launched and developed the renowned luxury magazine and brand EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury in 2010, the independent high-end magazine and luxury platform with no advertising, a pioneering online platform. The magazine is ranked alongside Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Bloomberg as one of the world's top luxury lifestyle websites. In 2023, the site quietly stopped publishing, and was absorbed by Angela Tunner Luxury Group, a luxury umbrella that includes EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury; PrestigeMind Academy, luxury mindset e-learning exclusively for luxury actors, a podcast and private services for UNHWI. Angela has over 38 years of independent study of luxury brands and communications.

She is a Multipotentialite with skills and experience in areas including fine arts and graphics, digital marketing, editorial strategy, writing and publishing books and magazines, hospitality and fine dining of a Wine Spectator award-winning restaurant as sous chef, co-owner and manager; in business administration, was ISO9000 certified in quality control and configuration management, over 30 years of independent study and personal practice of metaphysical and self-development methods. A consummate student, Angela is a student and doctoral candidate at the University of Sedona working towards a Metaphysical Sciences PhD and has completed the executive study program the “Principals of Luxury” with Sotheby’s Institute of Arts. She is a patron of the arts, listening to classical music, the culinary arts, cooking and dining out, fine wine and entertaining, antiques and she is an avid reader. She is a devoted mother to one grown child.

Me & My Why

I used to be extraordinarily shy, unable to communicate, focused on negativity and engaged in mindless spending trying to fill a sense of emptiness.

But then I systemized a way to connect with the beauty, love and positivity in the essence and philosophy of luxury 
which I blended with metaphysics that fills the luxury experience with joy, greater meaning and deeper human connection.  

So now I help luxury professionals to see, feel and be able to express luxury in a 
new way that can detox, uplift and transform their lives and 
relationships personally and with clients.

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